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Talk to your audience and get rich in your pajamas

Private messaging for creators & experts. Answer questions, give advice, or say hi.



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Easily get paid for having conversations with your fans.

Use the voice you already have

Pludo let’s you monetize your time on your own schedule. Innovative features make talking to your audience effortless.

Direct Messages

Cut through the noise and turn DMs into meaningful interactions.

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Instant Payment

Creators set their own price and users only pay when their messages get a response.

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Interactive Convos

User messages are sent through text and creators respond through voice.

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Easy Discovery

Simply share the link to your profile with your existing social media channels to bring people in.

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The answers to the most frequently asked
questions about our product.


💸 How do payments

When a user sends a message Pludo places a hold on their card for an amount equal to the creator’s price. If the creator responds to the message within 7 days then the user is charged and funds are automatically transferred to the creator. Otherwise, the payment expires and the user is not charged.


💰 How much do
creators make?

Creators make 70% of their asking price. The remaining 30% is processed as transaction and platform fees.


🗓 How long are
voice responses?

Voice responses can be a maximum of 90 seconds long - though creators can send you multiple responses in a row.

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Keep talking, the new way.

Welcome screen of Pludo app
Home screen of Pludo app
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